One day motorcycle tour

One Day Self-Guided Motorcycle Tour

Bucharest – Slanic Prahova – Bucharest (220 km)

If you have just one day to travel around Bucharest, just rent one of our BMW motorbikes and go see something special, situated at one hour and a half from Bucharest.

You can follow DN1 to Ploiesti for 60 km, than 40 km more on DJ102 to Slanic. Once you arrive in Slanic, follow the signs that guide you to Salina Slanic Prahova, the largest salt mine in Europe with more than 78000 square metres, a depth of 208 metres, a constant temperature of 12⁰C and a history starting from the Middle Ages. The access  in the Salt Mine is made with small busses and it can get crowdy during summer week-ends.

Attention! The salt mine is closed on Monday!

In town there are also three natural salt lakes, with restaurants and terraces by their side and beautiful view over the hills, and plenty of accommodation possibilities.

You  can return to Bucharest on DN1A, by Teisani – Valenii De Munte – Ploiesti, than on DN1 to Bucharest or, before you return on this road, from Teisani you can take a detour to Cheia, a road with spectacular curves and views, perfect for motorcycle addicts.

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