Guided Adventure Motorcycle Tours

Guided Motorcycle Tours

Romania is rugged and wild in a lot of places, with beautiful scenery, friendly people, old and well preserved medieval cities. Romania is unique and unspoiled and ideally suited to escaping the norm and finding your adventurous side. Through highlights we can list: Transfagarsan Highway, Transalpina Highway, Sighisoara Medieval Town, Brasov Town, Sibiu Town and many others.

We believe that the best way to really discover places is traveling with a local. Our tours are a mix between touristic places and remote ones, asphalted roads and unpaved ones, big cities and small villages and so on. Of course, Transfagarasan Highway, the “Europe’s best mountain road” according to Top Gear show, will be included in our tours. The idea is to offer our customers the best experience they can have, by showing them the real Romania, the romanian culture and habits.

The fully custom tours, specially tailored to suit your desires, are made in colaboration with 2wheels Adventures

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